This theory cannot be considered debunked. When asked about the lies about Time Travel in a March 2008 article in UGO[1] --TPTB stated that the only theory they can officially debunk is that this is not all a dream. So no prior denials about Clones can be grounds to debunk. Damon said they lie about theories because they dont want to ruin the ending for viewers. The existence of the Orchid Video gives proper justification for leaving this theory open.


  • Libby and Hurley seemingly have their mental health issues fixed.
  • Locke can walk, Rose is free of Cancer, Jin is fertile.
  • This can explain “certain” flashbacks, mystical dreams and visions.
  • Would explain 'See you in another life'.
  • Would explain 'Good' people and 'Bad' people.
  • Would explain the bad twin.
  • Would explain 'dead' people.
  • Would explain Dr. Marvin Candle and Dr. Mark Wickmund and why one seems to be missing an arm and why the other doesn't.
  • Would explain why certain characters have linked pasts - if the flashbacks are merely an altered memory and the 'programming psychologist' or 'programming doctor' didn't have too much time, this could have resulted in cross-over pasts between characters since they relied on only a set number of people to 'drop' into each fake past.
  • Would explain Yemi saying to Eko that he is not his brother.
  • Would explain blood sample taking.
  • Would support other theory which one of the main purpose of the DHARMA is to maintain the human kind.
  • Would explain what Naomi said about finding the plane and all the passengers being dead.


  • Officially DEBUNKED by Damon Lindelof at Comic Con '06, given as a personal promise in AintItCoolNews that "You won't hear the word 'clone'" on the show. A similar remark was made in Kristin's E! Online report for the 22nd of that month. Template:Source needed
    • Then why is there no mention of clones in the transcript from the Comic Con 06 panel?
  • Claire is still pregnant
  • Does not explain where the original bodies went.
    • They could have been on the staged plane crash in the trench.
  • Desmond appears not be a clone or Penny wouldn't be looking for him.
  • Michael and Walt must not be clones or Ben (aka Henry Gale) would worry about them meeting themselves after telling them how to leave the Island.
    • Unless the original Michael and Walt are known to be dead.
  • Neither the Orientation films nor the Lost Experience make reference to cloning.
  • A clone does not appear instantly. The cloning process would have had to begin at or near the birth of each person featured. The clone would then have to mature and acquire the same skills as its "model."
  • Boone would still be alive.

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