According to indigenous Australians, Dreamtime* is the all-at-once time because they experience it as the past, present, and future co-existing.


The DHARMA initiative was to reach this condition through a series of experiments using the anomaly electromagnetic fields that has the Island, but went wrong (the incident) when they opened the dimensional link between our reality and the Beralku*, the underworld, or the Island of the dead. The Hanso foundation tried to avoid the expansion of this dimensional door and energies using security parameters.

The Australian aboriginal people believe that each person has a part that exists eternally. This part exists before the life begins and continues to exist after the life of the individual ends. Both before and after life, it is believed that this spirit-child exists in the timeless place known as dreamtime and only is initiated by being born through a mother*. This confirms that the survivors are dead, and that’s why they remember their past, and learn from mistakes, etc., and the Others (that arrived before) are spiritual guides to this underworld and they take only those who are prepared to take the journey back to life. Those who “die” are ready to take the journey back to life.

How many are coming back? 81. Why 81? Check below the travelers: It's weird that there are 42 infants in seat, 23 infants in lap, 16 young and only 4 adults. These 81 are selected to come back to life. This tally obviously does not reflect the reality seen on the Island, but may be meant as an indication of the travelers' spiritual condition.

The "Monster" or black cloud is one of the dimensional beings that live around the Island. It could be related to Mamaragan*, a lightning god of Australian mythology that “speaks with thunder as his voice. He rides a storm cloud and throws lightning bolts to humans and trees.”

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  • This can explain “certain” flashbacks, mystical dreams and visions.
  • The incident (dimensional linking avoiding) explains the Numbers to be typed and the security.
  • The "Monster" is a dimensional creature
  • The fragment of existing eternally after life confirms that they are dead
  • Part of the storyline of "The Third Policeman," a book shown in the Hatch, involves the characters spending time in "eternity," where time doesn't matter. The narrator says that in this place, one could try to go somewhere else, but would always end up in the same place. In "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1", Desmond says that he sailed due west for 2 1/2 weeks and should have hit land in less than a week, but eventually ended up right where he started.


  • J.J. Abrams himself has dismissed any suggestions that the survivors of 815 are dead and that the Island is some kind of afterlife. Furthermore, the activities of several of the survivors throughout seasons 3, 4, and 5 demonstrate that the survivors are very much alive in the real world.
  • Relation with the Rosa Mental Institute is not clear.
  • Doesn't explain much of what is going on in the Lost Experience
  • Debunked by it being found in the real world during the season 2 finale. It can't be in another world if it has been found in this one.
    • However, if DHARMA opened up a portal to dreamtime, presumably the Island would have an existence of a sorts in both worlds.
  • Further debunked by Ben revealing their knowledge of the outside world in "The Glass Ballerina".
  • Jack and Kate are shown to have returned to the outside world in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1".
  • Dreamtime isnt the "all at once time of the past present and future". Dreamtime was the stories and dreams that the elderly passed down through the generations. A common dreamtime story is a story known as "The Rainbow Serpent"

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