Several theories allude to this, including the so-called "Ultimate Theory"


  • The 'survivors' were placed on or near the beach unconscious.
  • They were implanted with false memories prior to the 'crash', this could explain the weird coincidences.
  • They may be the last remnants of humanity, placed there to continue on following a cataclysmic event (such as a magnetic pole shift), as such they may have been born on the Island, perhaps the children of the project.
  • The whole expedition might be set on a remote planet and the magnet is to simulate gravity and the tropical weather is a result of the greenhouse effect.
  • The music Sayid and Hurley picked up actually could be radio signals sent from earth.
  • The Alvar Hanso building seen in the Orientation movie is set in Narvik Norway which is also the home of the university of Narvik that has a close collaboration with Nasa and has studyprogrammes like Space & Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Nursing and Electrical Engineering.
  • Narvik is a mining town.
  • The fountain seen in the Orientation movie is shaped as an octagon
  • A famous UFO story is set in on islands outside Narvik
  • These web pages are really spaced out but I'm sure some answers lies within it. It has Lost reference on everything from peanuts and Orion to Narvik and magnetics.
  • A cool web cam from the roof of City Hall of Narvik (the building sighted in the Orientation movie) with the mountains in the background which are called "Den Sovende Dronning" (The sleeping queen") and the octagon fountain "Dama på Torvet" (Woman on the market square) in the middle. The fountain is a freedom monument for the liberation of the nazis in WWII and portray a woman who lifts a child on her right shoulder that is to symbolize ”Liv opp av kaos” (Life comes up from Chaos) and she is standing on a Rose bud that symbolize growth. Desmond says "You have to lift it up, brother!" and Rose is on the Island. You also can see the freedom monument "Trinigon" to the right. A coincident? I don't think so.
  • Some theories say the Dharma project evolved out of a inititive of world peace. Narvik is known as the city of peace in Norway and therefore they will have 3 monuments of peace. A trinity of peace. They now have "The woman on the square", "Trinigon" and soon a statue with a sleeping child called "Peace is a promise of future"
  • There a references to Rousseau on the Nobel Prize site
  • Hans O. Alfvén in the "ultimate theory" did actually win the Nobel Prize in 1970 "for fundamental work and discoveries in magneto-hydrodynamics with fruitful applications in different parts of plasma physics". Here you can read his exciting lecture on "Plasma physics, space research and the origin of the solar system"
  • Hans O. Alfvén's final words are essential to the whole Lost series "It was the wonders of the night sky, observed by Indians, Sumerians or Egyptians, that started science several thousand years ago."..."And if the night sky on which we observe them is at a high latitude, outside this lecture hall - perhaps over a small island in the archipelago of Stockholm - we may also see in the sky an aurora, which is a cosmic plasma, reminding us of the time when our world was born out of plasma. Because in the beginning was the plasma."
  • The same year, 1970, Ulf von Euler got his own 1/3 of the Nobel prize in physiology or Medicine togehter with Sir Bernard(!) Katz and Julius Axelrod "for their discoveries concerning the humoral transmittors in the nerve terminals and the mechanism for their storage, release and inactivation"
  • Ulf von Euler identified noradrenaline as the adrenergic neurotransmitter and how its distributed in nerves and organs during various physiological and pathological conditions. Noradrenaline is a stress hormone that effect the human brain where attention and impulsivity are controlled. Their discovery gave insight in explaining such illnesses as mental depression, Parkinson's disease, hypertension and drug abuse.
  • Ulf von Euler's godfather Svante Arrhenius who were a distant relative to Carl Axel Arrhenius discovered a "black rock" on a geological excursion. In the black rock, which they sent to Åbo Finland for analyse, Yttrium (Y) was found by Johan Gadolin.
  • Yttrium was found on "...a small island in the archipelago of Stockholm"
  • Yttrium is used to protect against microwaves and enhance the quality of magnets(!) and making of lasers.
  • Yttrium has tremendous healing energy (!)
  • Recently it was discovered by Bednorz and Müller that when Yttrium was heated it transported energy without recistance; Yttrium is a perfect superconductor. Bednorz och Müller was rewarded with...guess what?...Yep...The Nobel prize in 1987 for that discovery.
  • Svante Arrhenius on the other hand discovered the importance of the CO2-content of the atmosphere for the climate (the greenhouse effect), his discussion of the possibility that radiation pressure might enable the spreading of living spores through the universe (panspermy=theory explaining the existence of life on the Earth as a result of fertilization by germs coming from outer space.). He wrote books like "Worlds in the Making" and "Destiny of the Stars". In 1913 he appeared in "Smallpox and its combating".
  • Hans O. Alfvéns shared his Nobelprize with Louis Néel who worked on the defence of ships of the French fleet against German magnetic mines and invented an effective new method of protection (neutralization). He is also connected to the French Atomic testing in the Pacific Ocean.


  • Nobody has a recollection of the actual crash
  • There are a lot of survivors for a crash that bad
  • Flashbacks could be artificial memories
  • No signs of the outside world (planes, radio signals, ships) have been seen
    • Except for the plane that dropped food, once & others claims& radio music station.
      • Wasn't necessarily a plane.
      • OR was a plane - came from The Other island.
    • And except for the Arctic station at the very end of Season 2. That scene is the first and only scene to take place off of the Island in the present day.
    • Also, Charlie saw and spoke to Penelope in "Through the Looking Glass."
    • Also, Ben gives Jack proof that they have contact with the outside world by showing him highlights of the Boston Redsox World Series victory.
    • And except for Naomi's helicopter. (although the helicopter does not become visible)
  • "The Others" could be a group of scientists helping the survivors to found a new society


  • Rendered obsolete by numerous recent episodes.
    • Although there is always the chance that the Island was created to be used as a safe haven and a proving grounds for an impending disaster, and the survivors of flight 815 were lucky enough to crash land there.
  • This theory is almost certainly disproven by the polar observation post detecting the electromagnetic overload and then calling Penny.
  • This theory may be further disproven by the events in "". (Ben having knowledge of then current events)
  • The Numbers are not explained
  • Whispers are not explained
  • Too many people die for this being part of some greater plan (unless it has gone wrong)
  • Sayid picked up a radio signal that was playing music with Hurley.
  • The strange actions of the Others are not explained. (Why treat the survivors in this way?)
  • Rendered obsolete by numerous recent episodes.
    • examples: Boston Red Sox playback and live video footage of Juliet's sister and nephew at the park.
  • Listening Station
  • This theory is obviously debunked now, because we have seen flashforwards of characters off the Island and in the real world.

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