The "Losties" are those who are in the "tribulation period" of The Rapture.

"As soon as the rapture occurs (according to this doctrine), many others will believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible and will be saved, even though they missed the "rapture" and will now have to go through that tribulation period with everyone else on the Earth."

Pre-tribulation periodEdit

God's 40 day Warning: (First 40 days on the Island aka Season 1)

""For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first." (I Thes. 4:16)"-wiki

Notice the Numbers 4:16

"This is an event that will mimic an event that took place at the time of Jesus' resurrection and is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 27, Verses 52& 53: "And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which were dead arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many."

"Known dead people will be brought back to life in a 'spiritual' body and appear to living people in Jerusalem. That is the Gospel account of what happened after Jesus' death, and it is what Paul is emphatically explaining to watch for when the end is near." - wiki

Also, see Acts 2:17: "In the last days, God said...your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams."


The Others have mostly been shown to be good people. Better people in many cases than most of the known Losties. The Losties were the first to use guns on the island and there were large number of murderers among the passengers.

  • The Others launched numerous armed attacks against the DHARMA staff, though, and eventually poisoned them all. And Ben certainly had no respect for the fifth commandment.
  • On numerous occasions, it is admitted (often by the Others themselves) that they have virtually no truck with the concept of forgiveness, rendering them pretty flagrantly anti-Christian. There are numerous unethical and immoral activities that the Others engage in, but this open disdain for the center piece of Christian moral philosophy is the most significant hindrance to characterizing the Others' as anything but anti-Christian villains, presuming there is any truth at all to the this particular rapture theory.

Rather than kidnapping people, they are saving them from the Losties. They select people to be part of them by judging them in moral/religious terms. They disappeared in an event that has similaries to the rapture. Kate, Jack, Sayid and Juliet were all "Left Behind" (another rapture reference) when the good people disappeared. Kate, Jack and Sayid because of who they were off the island. Juliet because of what she did on the island (trying to kill Ben).

Ethan and Goodwin both developed attachments to bad women among the Losties that led them to do wrong things. They were both fallen people and died because of it.


Eko's death and the Monster's comments indicate that the final judgement is approaching. Eko was two chances to redeem himself. The first night on the island, the Others tried to take him and he killed two of them. When the Monster asked him to confess his sins, he refused to. The Monster will pass final judgement on everyone on the island.


  • Explains the hallucinations.
  • Partially explains the Numbers.
  • Fits in with speculation about Aaron possibly being the Antichrist.
  • Explains the Others departure from the barracks
  • Explains the disappearance of the bodies of Yemi and Christian Shephard.


  • Doesn't explain the Hanso Foundation or the DHARMA Initiative.
  • Doesn't explain the computer.
  • Doesn't line up with 40-day prediction as they have been on the Island longer than 40 days.
  • Not enough other Revelation events have occurred to show that this is the end of days.
  • Doesn't explain why they are trapped on an island.
  • Doesn't explain much of what is going on in the Lost Experience
  • Doesn't explain the magic box
  • Flash-forwards in "" take place in the outside world after the crash. No evidence of the rapture having taken place are ever seen.


  • Jack Shephard: Derivative of a shepherd. A shepherd is one who leads a herd (the herd being those caught up in the tribulation). Jesus Christ is often referred to in Christian scripture and theology as "the Good Shepherd."
  • Kate Austen: Austen is derivation on Augustine who wrote: City of God.
  • Michael: the name denotes "leader of God's angel army".
  • Walter: the name denotes "ruler of army". Son of Michael on the show.
  • Aaron: Aaron is Claire's baby. Name denotes "Exalted One".
  • Zeke: Derivation of Ezekiel. the Book of Ezekiel describes his vivid symbolic visions which predict the restoration of the kingdom of Israel.
  • Lost: Likely a reference to "Paradise Lost", a poem about the fall of man.
  • John Locke and Rousseau: Names of Social Contract Theorists. Social Contract theories attempt to ground human nature without appealing to a higher power. Morality and redemption are major themes of the show. The show is possibly conveying a dialectic between Faith and Reason in the pursuit of understanding human nature.
  • The crew of flight 815 were travelling from Australia to Los Angeles. Australia is often known as the "land down under". Land down under can refer to earth (under heaven) or hell (under earth). Los Angeles means City of Angels. Thus the initial statement is a metaphor for the crew travelling from earth to the city of angel (heaven). Seeing that they never arrived at the city of angels, the Island must be a metaphoric location between earth and heaven. Hence it is a place where the tribulation after the rapture occurs.
  • The Others: It is my belief that "the Others" refer to two phenomena. The first being a group of people on the Island before the losties (aka others). The second being the phenomenon of "vanishing" during the tribulation and attributed to the Others.
  • During the tribulation period, people often "vanish" and go to heaven if they are without sin and have open their hearts to Jesus. Therefore the disappearances of some surivors is due to a rapturic vanishing, and not the Others.
  • Let's consider the psychological effect of your loved ones vanishing during the rapture. Most of us would look for a reasonable explanation, such as, they were taken by someone. This conclusion would be considered more lucid, than an explanation that they were taken to heaven. Thus during the rapture, rampant paranoia would exists regarding heavenly actions.

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