A scientific experiment was set in place in the late 70's after certain phenomena were discovered on the island. The Hanso Foundation built a series of hatches across the island to study these phenomena and keep them in check. However, when the year 2000 arrived, the computers on the island were affected having catastrophic (though not necessarily terminal) results. Remarkably, the island is still salvageable so long as proper maintenance is kept (i.e. pushing the button).


  • Takes place after year 2000
  • Computers are featured (presumably) in all of the hatches
  • No technicians available to resolve year 2000 issues
  • Explains how, because all modern computers have been virtually destroyed, the DHARMA folks have to resort to using Apple II and other old comps.


  • Does not explain anything.
  • Does not explain Danielle's presence on the island for 16 years.
  • Does not explain the Others.
  • Does not explain the Four-Toed Statue
  • Does not explain why the button was pushed from the eighties onward (since the incident)
  • Computers in the 90's were more than capable of handling the Y2K change. Old computers like the Apple II's would have been the ones affected by Y2K.
  • Just because a a computer would think of the years as 1900 instead of 2000 doesn't mean it will go nuts.
  • If a computer does not have a date programmed to it, it cannot be effected by such a date change. Since Apple II computers were not programmed with timestamps up to years. As seen on the log printout from the Pearl station, the only date shown is month and day-of-the-week. The year is not programmed in.
    • While a year isn't shown, the computer must keep track of the year to account for leap years, and rules governing leap year differences at the turn of the century and every 400 years.

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